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“Bella” – Keshi Pearls and Cubic Zirconia Bridal Necklace and Earrings Set


Pearl Bridal Necklace and Earrings Set

Product Description

Lustrous Keshi pearls in a soft cream color with blush undertones are enhanced by delicate cubic zirconia with a fierce sparkle. Sterling silver chain and components. (Scroll down to see all pictures)

Overall length of the necklace is 18″ with a 3″ extension chain. Closure is a sterling silver stylized heart clasp, with a pearl charm for added detail.

Earrings are 1.5″ long.

Handcrafted – One of a kind.

Known for their glowing luster and baroque shape, Keshi pearls are small non-nucleated pearls, considered “accidents” of the pearl cultivation process. When the Japanese began to culture Akoya pearls, the name keshi was given to by-products that were created after rejection of a bead nucleus. In these instances, a bit of mantle tissue, shell fragment or microorganism became lodged in the oyster’s inner lining causing it to secrete nacre. The accidental invaders would then grow and harden into baroque-shaped, all-nacre seed pearls. Keshi pearls are completely freeform and are the closest cultured pearl equivalent to natural pearls on the market.


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