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“When in Rome” – Brass Cuff Bracelet


Handcrafted brass cuff bracelet with various gemstones


Product Description

Sophisticated and radiant, this handcrafted cuff bracelet tranforms any time into a special event. Forged in raw brass, the cuff wraps around the wrist without flaw for a very glamorous look. The brass has a concave shape and was brushed for a more dramatic finish. It was treated with a clear lacquer top coat to protect against tarnishing and after curing a layer of wax was added for extra shine.

Choose between
1. Labradorite
2. Black Copper Turquoise
3. Malachite (green) – SOLD!
4. Titanium-Coated Drusy Agate (purple) – SOLD!
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The exquisite Labradorite cabochon measures 22x33x6mm, has a carat weight of approx. 53.80 (1ct=200mg) and it flashes metallic-looking color plays of blue, green, yellow, and red. This iridescent effect is commonly known as labradorescence, and is named after this stone that was first discovered on Paul’s Island in Labrador, Canada. This effect is caused by internal fractures that reflect light back and forth, dispersing it into different colors.

The unique Black Copper Turquoise cabochon measures 29x29x5mm and has a carat weight of 33.20 (1ct=200mg). This is a reconstituted gemstone made by mixing chunks of died tibetan turquoise with veins of copper to create a wonderful shimmering matrix.

The deep green Malachite cabochon features golden pyrite inclusions and measures 20x28mm, with a carat weight of approx. 42.65 (1ct=200mg).

The titanium-coated drusy agate cabochon was intricately carved by water over time and features a multitude of tiny crystals that reflect the light beautifully. The cabochon measures 28x28mm and has a carat weight of approx. 49.35ct (1ct=200mg).

The bracelet can be adjusted from a 7″ up to an 8″ wrist circumference and measures 1.5″ at its widest point.

Handcrafted – One of a kind.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 2 x 3 in
"When in Rome" - Brass Cuff Bracelet

Labradorite, Black Copper Turquoise, Malachite, Titanium-Coated Druzy Agate,


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